Blaze Like a Boss with Willie Nelson

by highder

Willie Nelson marijuana buds

Close-up image of a Willie Nelson marijuana bud.

Supposedly, this is Willie Nelson’s favorite strain, or so says the guy I got it from. The only thing that might make me believe this is the fact that it’s quickly becoming one of mine as well.

This beautiful sativa isn’t going to get you the highest you’ve ever been, nor is it going to melt your face, but it will make you feel like a superhero. Willie Nelson is one of the strongest and clearest body highs I’ve experienced; it makes your whole body feel like you’ve been marinating in RedBull.

Possibly the best thing about WIllie Nelson, other than the inevitable daydreams of actually smoking with the master, is that you can keep on smoking. The high is almost empowering. Unlike some other powerful strains, this one won’t put you to sleep while you chain smoke on an 800-mile road trip :)

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