Skywalker OG Kush Pulls Jedi Mind Tricks!

by Mr. Strain

Skywalker OG medical marijuana bottle

Skywalker OG medical marijuana bottle. Like idiots, we only bought an eighth :'(

Skywalker OG marijuana buds

THC trichomes are sprinked about this Skywalker OG like delicate snowflakes.

Skywalker OG marijuana close-up

Close-up shot of a Skywalker OG bud from Studio City, California.

Skywalker OG marijuana buds

Skywalker OG marijuana buds (indica) from Studio City, California.

Wherever you go in LA, people are always bullshitting about some new strain of weed. Well, the talk of the town these days seems to be Skywalker OG.

Normally, I’m cynical when people hype a new strain, ’cause I’ve been to the top of the mountain—like that time in Amsterdam with the Amnesia Haze…

Well, I didn’t do this with Skywalker OG. Don’t ask me why, I guess my prick switch was off at that moment. That and I like Star Wars. Well, ok—only because I love Star Wars.

Skywalker OG is an indica with a fruit-forward smell highlighted by a slight hint of meat and sweet flower. The flavor is not intense but certainly strong and fruity.

The buds themselves are dense and well cured, but so saturated with oils that the buds remain slightly squishy. Skywalker OG doesn’t have significantly pronounced trichomes, but it is still pretty dusty.

The high is extremely clean, and it will leave you feeling energetic. I have no problem doing my work, which requires fairly focused attention. Then again, I’m high all the time.

Still, there are other buds (Green Queen for one) where not only working is out of the question, but so is talking, moving and comprehending. In contrast to that, Skywalker OG is the perfect smoke for the discerning stoner looking for an uppity high.

Skywalker OG seems to live up to its hardcore reputation. But, ya know…once, when I was in Amsterdam, I had this Amnesia Haze… :D

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