I’ve Got a Crush on Candy Kush

by Mr. Strain

Candy Kush medical marijuana bottle

Candy Kush in a medical marijuana bottle from California.

Candy Kush marijuana bud with purple leaves

From the back, you can see the THC trichomes and purple leaves in this Candy Kush marijuana flower.

Candy Kush marijuana bud

This dense bud of Candy Kush is typified by its bright orange hairs and hints of purple.

If different weed strains represented different personalities, Candy Kush would be a sexy nympho. Yeah, a sexy, dark haired, salacious…oh, shit. Uh, more on that whole nympho thing later. Or should I continue? No, I’ll wait.

When I first saw Candy Kush, I could hear her siren-like call: “Smoke me, Mr Strain. Smoke me and let me inside you…”

Uh, again TMI—sorry, it’s just that Candy Kush is the bomb.

This particular bud I have is so dry and dense that I should probably use a cheese grater to break it up. The bud is just gorgeous—purple accents, dark orange hairs and a chestnut-colored dusting of thick trichomes. The smell is sweet like…well, like candy.

But the thing that makes Candy Kush one of my all-time favorite smokes is the incredible high. Whether it’s thick smoke or thick vapor, this marijuana strain delivers a punishingly potent punch to the lungs.

As soon as the high from Candy Kush hit me, I felt like moving. Rafting or riding a bike would have been great, except I live in a city, I smoked it at 1:30am and I don’t like rafting or biking that much. I can tell you that playing Call of Duty on Candy Kush is intense.

Basically, Candy Kush is one of my favorite strains I’ve ever had. It has a sweet smell, a subtle, airy taste and a perfect, centered high—these are but a few of the reasons that make Candy Kush a MUST HAVE strain.

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